Working at Heddington CE Primary School

See what our staff say about working at our school.


'I absolutely love working at Heddington as a peripatetic Music Teacher. The school has such a lovely atmosphere and the Headteacher and staff have made me feel very welcome and supported. The children are taught all the proper values and it is reflected in their behaviour. They are polite, well mannered, friendly and respectful. A truly wonderful school of which I’m proud to be a part.'

Music Teacher


'I really enjoy being a Governor at Heddington. It is such an amazing school, and it has a real feeling of community. I enjoy being involved in the strategy and Christian vision of the school.'



'As a new staff member of staff at Heddington, I have felt so welcomed and supported. You can tell by the way the children are what a wonderful place Heddington School is to be part of. I am at the beginning of my time at Heddington but am looking forward to the future here.' 

Teaching Assistant


'Heddington CE Primary School is the most supportive school: all the staff work hard for our main purpose – the children. All staff are willing to go the extra mile, and are extremely passionate. The children are hard-working, friendly and polite. Our school is well managed and led by both the Headteacher and the Governors – all of whom understand staff needs, whilst having the children at the forefront of everything they do.'

Class Teacher


I've always enjoyed working at Heddington and find the staff and children great to get on with. 




'I very much enjoy working at Heddington School.  It is a caring community where everyone strives to do the best they can for all the children and their parents.  The staff are dedicated and mutually supportive of one another.  It is a real team effort and everyone is valued.  The children are well mannered and happy.'

Admin Officer