Kingswood 2023

Day 3


The clock change made us all rather sleepy this morning but once we got going we were fine. Another full English certainly helped the children to start the day with lots of energy. The beach was a lovely experience for everyone. It was great to see the children playing in the sand, digging, cracking rocks open, rock pooling and playing football. They were in their element! When we returned to the centre, all of the other groups had left, leaving us to have the whole site to ourselves. After the beach, we had lunch; hot dog or cheese and onion pasty with salad.

The afternoon consisted of problem solving activities, den building and the 3G swing. The children had a fun with all three activities but the swing was by far their favourite! Dinner was meatballs and pasta and / or pizza. As we were the only group, there was lots of food and the children certainly took advantage! Our evening activity was campfire which involved songs, games and the odd marshmallow to top off a lovely day.

The children are all starting to miss home and are certainly looking forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon. They are very tired but have had the time of their lives! We will leave Kingswood at 11am to catch the 12pm ferry which docks at 1pm. This should give us plenty of time to arrive to school for 3pm. We will put a message on the Facebook group when we arrive at Southampton and another to give an ETA. 

Lots of photos below from the various activities today for you to enjoy looking through. 

Day 2


All of the children had a good sleep last night and woke up this morning at about 6.30am. If they hadn't showered the night before, they had one this morning. Breakfast followed at 7.30am which consisted of a full English, cereal, fruit and toast. Needless to say, they all ate well! 

The activities started with archery and fire lighting which the children really enjoyed. We have some naturals in the group when it comes to a bow and arrow! After that, we had lunch which was burger with chips, coleslaw and salad. This is was followed by a trip to the shop where the children spent their pennies. The following activities proved to be rather messy I'm afraid! We split into our two groups where one did low ropes and the other had night line. Both proved to be opportunities for the children to get as muddy as possible. By the end, they were caked but had beaming smiles on their faces and in so many of their words 'had the best time ever'! Obviously we had to come back to the dorms after to have another shower and get changed again before heading off to dinner. This was sausage, mash, veg and salad. Once again, every child ate their fill before heading off to aeroball. The final activity of the evening was scrapheap challenge which they are currently taking part in.

Tomorrow we're off to the beach to hunt for fossils and do some rock pooling which I know everyone is looking forward to. Whilst the children are all missing you, they really are having a wonderful time and making memories that will last a lifetime. They can't wait to share them all with you when we get back. Please just have the washing machines ready!

A selection of photos below from today for you to enjoy. 

Day 1

It's been a busy day and the children have been amazing throughout! The journey to Southampton was good and the children enjoyed eating their lunches whilst waiting to board the ferry. Once on board, we settled into some comfy chairs for the crossing which was quite choppy! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed on to see the bridge as the captain was needed to concentrate on the weather - we'll try again on the way back. 

Once we arrived at the centre, we were met by our instructor, Kamil. He showed us to our bedrooms and gave the children a tour of the Kingswood site. This was quickly followed by our first activities; low ropes or nightline. The children had a great time, being blind folded and led through different obstacles and activities. They all had an amazing time though and managed to get themselves filthy! We've got all of the clothes drying ready to go again tomorrow. 

Dinner was either fish or quorn fillet with chips, peas and salad followed by ice cream and fruit. All of the children ate well but still found room for sweets when they got back to their rooms! They made their beds and settled (ish) for a while before our final activity of the day which was mini olympics. 

They're already looking forward to a full programme tomorrow and many are looking forward to getting into bed tonight!