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Heddington's Special Education Needs Policy & Information Report


Vision and aims

We are committed to improving outcomes for all children by providing highly inclusive education for all. We seek to develop inclusive practice across the school to provide every possible opportunity to educate and develop the full potential of all children. All children will have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum, including extra-curricular activities where appropriate. All children are valued and their self-esteem promoted. We work in close partnership with parents/carers who play an active and valued role in their child’s education.


The aims of our policy are:

  • To identify and monitor children’s individual needs from the earliest possible stage so that appropriate provision can be made and their attainment raised;
  • To plan an effective curriculum to meet a wide range of abilities and learning styles;
  • To work in close partnership with, and involve, parents/carers of children who have special educational needs & disabilities;
  • To encourage pupil and parent voice in making decisions about their own education;
  • To continually monitor and review progress and provision for children with SEND in order to best adapt provision to specific needs of the children in our school;
  • To work in close partnership, where appropriate, with outside agencies to support the needs of and provision for children with SEND.

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For further information please contact the SENCO, Kelly Goodswen or Headteacher, Ashley Martin, in school.