Full Governor Meeting Further Information

General and Procedural Responsibilities

  • Draw up instrument of government and any amendments thereafter
  • Follow the guidance as set out in The Constitution of Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools
  • Agree proposals to change category of school
  • Agree suspension of governors
  • Appoint (and remove) the chair and vice chair of the governing body
  • Determine period of office of chair and vice chair (between 1 and 4 years)
  • Appoint (and dismiss) the clerk to the governors
  • Elect committee chairs annually
  • Consider forming, joining or leaving a federation
  • Establish (and update annually) a register of governors’ business interests
  • Appoint (and remove) co-opted governors
  • Appoint (and remove) associate members
  • Determine governors’ code of conduct
  • Agree whether or not to exercise delegation of functions to individuals or committees
  • Regulate the GB procedures (where not set out in law)
  • Establish and review committees annually


School Self Evaluation/School Improvement Planning Responsibilities

  • Agree school vision and strategic plan
  • Agree the outcomes of the School’s Self Evaluation process
  • Approve school improvement plan, monitoring implementation and evaluating impact
  • Appoint lead governors for subjects, special needs, safeguarding, vulnerable pupils
  • Ensure OFSTED findings are incorporated into the school improvement plan



Data Analysis and Target Setting Responsibilities

  • Scrutinise range of pupil performance data to evaluate the school’s performance, including information provided in the Governors’ Data Dashboard
  • Agree challenging targets for pupil achievement/attainment, ensuring they are based on outcomes of robust data analysis
  • Evaluate the school’s performance against agreed targets
  • Receive attendance and exclusions data from the Headteacher, including impact of initiatives in place to improve poor attendance


Staffing Responsibilities

  • Formally approve appointments of Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher
  • Ensure that at least one governor on the selection panel for Headteacher appointments has completed safer recruitment training
  • Nominate 2/3 governors to conduct Headteacher’s performance management
  • Nominate a named governor for the staff whistle blowing policy
  • Agree membership of selection panel for HT/DHT appointments
  • Appoint an external adviser to assist the governing body in the performance management of the Headteacher


Finance Responsibilities

  • Enter into contracts above £10,000
  • Review contracts and services due for renewal where cost is above £10,000
  • Approve transfer between budget headings above £10,000
  • Approve purchase of services from Local Authority and other sources where cost of service is above £10,000
  • Make any decisions referred to full governing body by Resources Committee
  • Approve annual budget by 30th June
  • Evaluate the impact of the use of pupil premium funding and other resources to overcome barriers to learning
  • Evaluate the impact of the allocation of the primary school sport funding in improving the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision


Premises Responsibilities

  • Agree long term strategy for use of school premises
  • Make any decisions referred to full governing body by Premises Committee


Pupils, Parents and Community

  • Approve discipline/behaviour policy
  • Ensure that school policy and procedure for looked after children are consistent with the measures set out in the statutory guidance.
  • Ensure legally required information is published online: including SEN policy, curriculum arrangements, pupil premium spending, reading schemes, latest OFSTED report, links to DfE school performance tables
  • Agree parental complaints procedure and publicise to parents
  • Ensure the governing body can demonstrate its accountability to parents
  • Adopt (and keep under review) home-school agreements
  • Consider matters relating to the role of the school in the community



  • Consult annually before setting an admissions policy
  • Establish an admissions policy and publish
  • Consider admissions applications
  • Appeal against Local Authority direction to admit pupils



  • Approve Child Protection policy and review its effectiveness at least annually
  • Consider school’s safeguarding audits and monitor subsequent action plans


Extended Services

  • Decide whether to offer additional services and what form these should take
  • Decide whether to cease provision of additional services
  • Review provision and impact of additional services


Policies under remit of FGB

  • Governors’ Induction
  • Governors’ Code of Conduct
  • Looked After Children
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Sex Education
  • Behaviour Principles
  • Child Protection
  • Home School Agreement
  • School Self Evaluation
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Governors’ Code of Conduct
  • Governors’ Improvement Plan
  • Class Visits policy


Governors will be assigned to one or more of the following committees

  • Finance, Premises, Health & Safety
  • Curriculum, Standards & SEN