Curriculum, Standards & SEN Further Information

Delegated Responsibilities

  • Ensure that required staffing policies and procedures are in place and implemented
  • Monitor progress/impact of staffing related school improvement priorities
  • Respond to regular reports from Headteacher on quality of teaching
  • Ensure that all legally required curriculum policies are in place and monitor the effectiveness of their implementation
  • Approve (and keep under review) policy on sex education
  • Ensure provision of RE in line with school’s basic curriculum
  • Approve (and keep under review) the school’s SEN policy
  • Maintain strategic oversight of curriculum areas, through regular scrutiny of reports presented by subject leaders and consideration of link governor reports
  • Monitor the governing body’s curriculum policies to ensure inclusion (in regard to gender, social disadvantage, race equality and disability discrimination)
  • Ensure all required curriculum policies are in place and implemented
  • Scrutinise subject action plans, progress and impact reports
  • Consider relevant issues that emerge from FGB’s scrutiny of data reports


Policies/Procedures under committee’s remit

  • Staff well-being
  • All curriculum policies
  • Assessment