School Council

The school council is made up of 7 children from across the school.

They are; Leona, Brooke, Logan, Alex, Francesca, Callum and Ned.

Francesca is our school council secretary and Alex is our Chair Person.

We meet every fortnight to discuss what we can do to make our school an even better place.






Who’s in charge?

What’s happening?

Expected to finish

Macmillan Coffee morning


School council

Cake sale and ice bucket raffle.

Sep 26th 2014

Development of the pond area

Due for discussion at next meeting to look at creating a letter for funding .


Re development of the pond area

Sep 2015

New system for housepoints

All materials and equipment ordered

School council & Mr.Martin

School council have had several meetings including those with Mr.Martin to decide upon a new system for house points. A gold token and star chart decided upon for individual and group rewards. Individual rewards of certificates. Group reward of extra playtime and treats at end of term and year decided upon for winning house team.

School council shared ideas in assembly to rest of school.  

To trial in Jan 2015

New house team badges for all

Badges ordered.

School council and Mr.Martin

School council decided that many FS2 children were unsure of house team so would be good for them to have a badge to help them remember. Then thought all children should have a badge to display which team they are in to help staff, other children and give them a sense of pride in their team.

Jan 15

Creating a school council suggestions box

Box has been made and placed in corridor by school council board. School council to

School council

Mrs Dobbin

School council to make suggestions box for board for all children to add ideas to

In place Dec 14

Election of an extra school councillor in year 5/6

Election has taken place. Results have been announced

School council

School council decided they would like an extra member in year 5/6 . Election to take place and new member to be added to team.

Now in Place Feb 2015

New house team names

Children have been asked to post suggestions into suggestions box by end of mid Jan for School council to consider . New house names announced to be Wind, Earth and Fire .

School council

School council thought it would be good to rename house teams .Discussed in assembly for children to make suggestions for School council to consider over next few weeks.

Feb 15

Prayer boxes

New box outside Mr.Martin's office to be used as well as prayer boxes in classes

School council & Mr.Martin Mrs. Dobbin

Children to write prayers to be placed in Prayer box to be shared in Friday celebration assembly.

Jan 15

Creation of a Banner to depict what Heddington school means to use and the values it promotes .



School council have discussed the idea of a school banner and made a list of people who make the school what it is and the values the children think the school promote. Initial design thought up with help of Mrs. Dobbin.

Mrs Dobbin had applied for a grant to which if successful will enable us to have an art specialist to come to school and make the banner with the children

School council. Mr. Martin. Mrs Dobbin

Whole school to take part in creating a school banner with specialist art teacher.

July 15

Things we can’t do. Sorry!


(from school suggestions box)

Why we can’t do them

Our successes this year


Make golden time longer

We already feel we have a good amount of golden time and we will not have enough time to learn other things we need to learn.

Macmillan cake sale and ice bucket challenge.

Introduction of new house point system and new house team names.

Introduction of Prayer box and Suggestions box